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I’ve been active as a professional musician for decades, and have always had a particular interest in three areas of performance: conducting, playing the violin, and being a church organist.

As a youngster, it seemed that my path was laid out pretty plainly in front of me – become a musician. (The lack of ability in most other possibilities made that choice pretty easy!) Fortunately, I grew up in Toronto where there is a most excellent Choir School at St. Michael’s Cathedral. There, from elementary school through high school, I was inundated daily in music. Choirs, lessons, classes, recitals, church services were sources of constant musical activity and education for me. I couldn’t have been more fortunate as a budding musician. From there I had to decide on an instrument to focus on in university and beyond, and I chose the violin as having more diverse and numerous career possibilities.

Philip Sarabura, Artistic Director - Brantford Symphony Orchestra


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