Hello and Welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

I’ve been active as a professional musician for decades, and have always had a particular interest in three areas of performance: conducting, playing the violin, and being a church organist.

As a youngster, it seemed that my path was laid out pretty plainly in front of me – become a musician. (The lack of ability in most other possibilities made that choice pretty easy!) Fortunately, I grew up in Toronto where there is a most excellent Choir School at St. Michael’s Cathedral. There, from elementary school through high school, I was inundated daily in music. Choirs, lessons, classes, recitals, church services were sources of constant musical activity and education for me. I couldn’t have been more fortunate as a budding musician. From there I had to decide on an instrument to focus on in university and beyond, and I chose the violin as having more diverse and numerous career possibilities.


I went on my way into university and conservatories and fine arts schools, all the while paying my way by playing extra and part-time in nearby professional orchestras. It was a most excellent game plan, and worked out very well. By the time I landed in Hamilton ON I had virtually no accumulated debt, and had a great amount of professional experience as well. I’ve been in the Hamilton area for many years now, playing in the HPO and many other groups in southern Ontario.

But I didn’t forget about my interest and aptitude in organ playing (I received my ARCT in organ performance, including all requisite theory and history courses, by the age of sixteen). After settling into my activities as a violinist, I picked up an organ bench to occupy at St. Ann’s R.C. Church in Ancaster. I’ve been there for many years now, attending to thousands of liturgies of every type and description, working with amateur and professional musicians, and improving my skills as a church musician. Along the way, I earned a diploma of Fellow, Royal Canadian College of Organists (FRCCO), the highest professional certification for organists in Canada.

At some point I decided to see what I could accomplish as a Conductor. I began my career with choirs. The various choirs and groups I got involved with allowed me time to develop as a musician, leader and decision-maker; three critical skills for a conductor. As time went by I felt the need to move more towards professional orchestral work, and took up the Artistic Director position with the Brantford Symphony Orchestra, which is a fully professional part-time orchestra. One of the many joys of being involved with this fine organization is the hall that we usually perform in – the Sanderson Centre. It’s truly one of the best halls for orchestral music on the continent.

I welcome inquiries of any kind, especially offers of engagement! One of my specialties is presenting orchestra concerts on absolutely minimum rehearsal time, so if the budget is limited but the expectations are high, I’m the person you want on your podium!